Global Gate Asset Management (GGAM) is an independent asset manager based in Switzerland that offers its clients a dedicated service and expertise for their wealth management needs. We work across the full range of asset classes to deliver optimal investment solutions to our clients.


At Global Gate Asset Management, we place the utmost importance on the relationship between the client and the individuals within the team. We hold the client’s best interest at heart and we promote a culture built on honesty, transparency, quality of service and performance.

We are an experienced team of investment professionals who will, above all, listen to the clients and channel the investment management solutions that best fit their profile. Our partnership with the industry’s best in class investment houses complements our product offering.

Our aim is to build and maintain a long-term and multi-generation relationship with our clients.


We believe that solid investment returns can only be generated through a patient approach and a long term portfolio positioning. Returns are maximized during key cycles such as productivity cycles, interest rates cycles and demography among others that typically take time to materialize. Our portfolios must be calibrated based on those parameters and market expectations for those parameters. Though we do believe in market efficiency, short term market drivers and surprises are viewed as opportunities to allow for performance enhancement.
GGAM’s approach to investment uses a top-down approach, analyzing major macroeconomic trends and political events to formulate specific asset class views.
Our Top-Down views are derived through market analysis and internal discussions, macro research and various discussions with industry experts. These views are communicated to our clients on a regular basis (newsletters, ad hoc commentary on market moves).


Define target returns, investment horizon, risk profile (with target ranges, min-max allocation per asset class)

Assess liquidity needs and any unique circumstances

Propose core portfolio intended to achieve target risk and returns over the long term

Overlay with tactical ideas- shorter term trades to take advantage of prevailing market conditions/hedge positions

Select best of breed investment vehicles and styles (active/passive) based on IPS and portfolio manager’s views

Implement according to client circumstances and manager’s views

Ongoing monitoring at asset allocation and investment vehicle level

Tactical rebalancing to ensure allocations remain in line with our views / stated mandate


We are an independent structure, solely focused on delivering the best solutions to our clients with no pressure from external stakeholders. Our interests are fully aligned and our independence allows us to make unbiased decisions and removes any potential conflict of interest in the client-advisor relationship.

Our core business is managing our client’s assets with accessibility, transparency, and service at the heart of what we do. We provide a single, consolidated view of assets held across various asset classes and institutions and act as the primary source of advice.

We work with top providers, carefully selected for their expertise and strong investment capabilities. Our relationships provide us with unique ideas, in-depth research and strong deal flow which are then passed on to our clients.

A strong team of seasoned investment professionals to support you, with experience in managing multi-asset class liquid portfolios as well as more specialized investments. The team also has a strong experience in wealth planning, working alongside the best in class professionals.


An asset management mandate is established between the client and GGAM. The asset management contract specifies: The Scope of the asset manager's power (Discretionary or Advisory), the investment profile, the goals and restrictions, the reference currency, the method and frequency of reporting with the client, the remuneration of the asset manager and any other specific requirements.




Global Gate Asset Management SA is subject to the Swiss Federal Act on Financial Services (FinSA - SR 950.1 - Federal Act of 15 June 2018 on Financial Services (Financial Services Act, FinSA) ). This act (law) seeks to enhance protection of the customers and to impose similar requirements to all financial service providers. It contributes to preserving the reputation and competitiveness of Switzerland's financial center. To this end, it establishes the requirements for honesty, diligence and transparency in the provision of financial services and governs the offering of financial instruments.

The brochure ‘Risks Involved in Trading Financial Instruments’ published by the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) covers general information on typical financial services for investment solutions and the risks attached to the trading and custody of financial instruments. The latest version can be found here. Upon request, we will be happy to send you an electronic or physical version of the brochure. 

Should you need further information on Global Gate Asset Management SA, please refer to the attached information brochure. Do not hesitate to contact us, should you wish to receive an electronic or physical version of the brochure.


Global Gate Asset Management SA is a regulated member of SO-FIT (Supervisory Organization for Financial Intermediaries & Trustees), organization affiliated to FINMA, the Swiss financial market supervisory authority.

To fulfil its obligation as per FinSA Article 77, Global Gate Asset Management SA is affiliated to Terraxis. Terraxis is a mediation & ombudsman office recognized by the Federal Department of Finance of Switzerland as per the Financial Services Act FinSA. Terraxis is an independent consultancy firm specialized in Alternative Dispute Resolution methods (ADR). Based in Geneva, Terraxis provides its clients with a complete range of mediation services as well as commercial arbitration services. Terraxis is a neutral and impartial financial mediation center that deals with financial disputes using alternative dispute resolution methods. These experienced and FinSA recognised mediators handle all financial mediation procedures between financial service providers and their clients in a timely manner.




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